Trying to show the footer on a custom landing page (using the top route)

We just launched a custom landing page where we don’t want to show any list of topics, only custom components. We use the global top route to build the landing page and set the actual list of top topics to display: none.

It all works fine on staging, however, on production the footer doesn’t show on the landing page. At least I figured out what’s happening, it’s because of infinite loading not being resolved:

  • on staging, there’s almost no top topics, so the list is already loaded even it’s not displayed
  • on production, the list doesn’t finish loading because it is not scrolled to the bottom. Then the footer component is not loaded.

Here’s how it would look with the list displayed on staging:

I guess I could put a replacement footer on the landing page, that is rendered in any case. But maybe there’s a more elegant solution how to solve this use case?

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