Trying to understand hashtag mentions with cursor to the left of #


I observed this neat way to use the same symbol for two things – mentioning tags and mentioning categories. But the list of tags is not compete, and there’s no apparent way to search.

  • start a reply or new post and type a space (so the hashtag is not the first char in line)
  • type hashtag
    – observe category list pops up
  • type left arrow, so cursor is on the left of the #
    – observe the list of tags

They cannot be searched, nor selected using arrow keys.

I wish to understand what this feature is. Thanks!


So the idea is to type to filter the results, like this


I’m sorry if my reproduction sequence wasn’t clear. I understand how the dynamic search works, and that isn’t the question I mean to ask.

You will want to avoid the pound symbol at the very beginning of lines. Can you repro the problem with a word or character in front, avoiding the pound symbol at the start of the line?