Turn some forum sections into a knowledge base

I want to make some of the forum categories a base for this question and answer as implemented here

I dug around and found my solution in this thread but I would like to also display the button at the end of the article

How can i do this?

I’d use this plugin Discourse Reactions - Beyond Likes - plugin - Discourse Meta and set two reactions - thumbs up and thumbs down - that would be the easiest solution to achieve and maintain.

You could also go without it and simply use the native Discourse likes for the Yes and flags for the No, customize the other text in the flag and finally create a custom theme component to add the needed text (but that will be a bit trickier).

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I don’t think reactions is a good fit for this feature request. There are two many side effects you would be fighting with.

A custom control of sorts makes much more sense here.

What do you mean I have never worked with this can be a little more information

What kind of side problems can arise, I see only one obstacle in collecting statistics … or is there something else?