Adding tags to an existing topic

I recently ran into an issue in using the Elixir Forum, which uses Discourse. I had posted a topic several years ago and wanted to revive it. In the interim, some new technology (liveview) has appeared, so I wanted to add a tag for it.

A moderator (AstonJ) tells me that there isn’t a way for a “member” to do this, so it’s necessary to send a message asking that the tag be added. So, the OP (let alone a topic reader) has to be fairly motivated to even find out how to approach this task.

This contrasts sharply with the situation during the initial posting process, where the user is required to include at least two tags and encouraged to add all relevant tags. Indexing systems need good data to work with; why not make the tag list easy to augment?


Using tags and creating new tags can each be limited to a trust level on Discourse. If members can use tags, but can’t add new ones on that forum, it’s because the forum staff decided so. You’d need to suggest a change on the Elixir forum.

Members of the Elixir Forum are allowed to use tags, including newly created ones, when composing a topic. My issue is a bit different: allowing a user to add another tag to a topic that already exists.


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By default members (trust level 2) have about 30 days to edit their posts. Maybe it’s because of that limit? Can you still edit your post title otherwise?