Translation of tagging selector does not change

when i change the text in the tag-selector from “all tags” to the string i want, it remains unaffected:

it shouldn’t be cache issue, since i’ve just updated the site.

update: i just checked and it seems this happens for some other strings related to “tags” feature.

It seems you cannot change text if there is no translation on Transifex.



Is there any plan to fix this bug?


If we missed a string somewhere totally support fixing it

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I don’t think a missing string is the issue.

As an example: if I have a plugin which only has english language translations, and somebody installs it on a french forum, the english strings will be used (this makes sense).

However, if the forum owner goes into the admin panel and tries to update the translation string, that change has no effect.

See today:

And also in April:

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Tags, however, is rolled into core, there is no plugin involved

Ah I see, not exactly the same issue then (although seems related).

Can a moderator move the last few posts into a new bugs topic? Or shall I just make a new one myself?

Feel free to make a new one