Unable To Log In - Maybe b/c Created Acct & Separately Invited?

I’m unable to log in. I’ll get an unknown error message using the correct password (different from the incorrect password error I get otherwise). My email was invited by someone as well as created by myself, so perhaps the dual requests are locking it up? When I try to accept the invite I get the error the email is already used (since I created an acct directly). But since I can’t log in to that acct even after resetting password, I’m at a dead end. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello and welcome @Chauncey_St_John :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you a normal user on that forum, or a staff member (admin/moderator)?

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I joined as a normal user but was added as an admin

You could try the admin log-in link, and see if that will let you in?


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I get this message: Sorry, that email login link is too old. Select the Log In button and use ‘I forgot my password’ to get a new link. And resetting the password doesn’t help.

I’ve tried to lock up a test user in a similar way, but I’ve had no luck so far. Invites, log ins, and promotions to admin all seem to work, no matter how I mix them together.

If you have an existing account, then I think the invite link is redundant so can be safely ignored. Have you tried the basics of clearing your browser, or using a different device to log in?

Have you contacted another admin to see if they can help using their admin powers? (clearing sessions, revoking admin, etc, etc)

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That might mean that the clock on the set is wrong. Can other users use the login links?