Unable to login

Hi, Just installed Discourse 2.8 beta on my new server. I got the SSL cert installed and SMTP works well.

Trying to log in today I got “Incorrect username, email or password” message…
Then I clicked on forgot password, receive the email. But when I click on the link to reset my password, the lonk do not work and I end up on a error web page.
After reviewing the issue, I fould that the link point to a url that start with “url8800…MY WEBSITE”

What could go wrong… and idea?

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Did you do a Discourse official Standard Installation? See also Troubleshooting Bitnami Installations, if that’s how you installed.


I found the error…
It was cause by the Sendgrid Link Brending not set correctely with my DNS…


Aha! Good work! Your version of the url looked like a port number, which I couldn’t explain for a standard install. Sorry I didn’t think about the smtp service rewriting the url for link tracking. That comes up from time to time. Is there some document here that could have suggested that as an issue?

Sorry not to have been more help.

Hi @pfaffman

Thanks for your message.
Unforetunately I faced 2 issues with my SendGrid setup that I did not find the information about.

1- The importance to setup the “Single Sender Verification” email in SendGrind and use the same as the “notification email” into Discourse setup.
2- The relation of the Link Brending in Sendgrid with the confirmation email received from Discourse.

Don’t worrie, sometimes students have to work hard to learn. :grin:

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Hmm. That suggests that you haven’t gotten sendgrid configured yet. You’ll want it to be able to send to all of your users, not just you.

Hi @pfaffman,
Thanks for asking but I got it and it works beautifully.

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