Unable to send out emails using Yandex SMTP


I host my email setup on Yandex.Connect and I am trying to use their SMTP service on the Discourse however Discourse just could not send out any emails. I do not think Yandex’s SMTP is supported by Discourse otherwise I see no problem.

Here is what I have done:

  • Added records such as MX, DKIM, TXTs for Yandex.Connect. Domain is verified by Yandex.Connect
  • I created an account named noreply@domain.com and an app password (for SMTP usage) for this account. Filled app.yml respectively: smtp.yandex.com on port 465 with username noreply@domain.com and app password.

Rebuilt, and none. It does not work.

So do you think I am doing something wrong or Yandex SMTP is just not supported?

Yandex works great. Perhaps the following settings will be useful.


Do not forget that you need to set the settings in the Yandex mailbox itself.


Thank you for the instruction! It should work out for me too. :upside_down_face: And do you know if there are any sending limits such as daily and monthly set by Yandex?

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Restrictions on Yandex.Mail for domains

You can send 3000 * emails from one mailbox in a 24-hour period. If you entered several recipients, then a separate email will be sent to each one.

Additional limitations are set on the number of recipients:

Number of recipients Restriction
Total emails in 24-hour period (from one mailbox) 3000 *
Total emails in 24-hour period (from all mailboxes of a single domain) 5000 *
Emails sent through a website 50
Emails sent through a mail service 35

* Only external recipients are considered; owners of the mailboxes in this domain are not considered.

Found this information:



Wow! These rates are quite good when compared to other free options. Yandex is just, great! Thank you again for such information and your time, @Evgeny. Really appreciate it. :awthanks:


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