Undo official warning

Is it possible to “undo” an official warning? When moderator sends a warning and it turns out that user shouldn’t have got it, can the warning be cancelled? I don’t seem to find any information about it in meta.


Not really, short of accessing the console directly.


How would you delete an official warning from inside the console? Or how would you convert a warning to a regular message?

Warnings are in the user_warnings table. If the warning you want to delete is the last warning that was created on your site, you can do that with:


If the warning wasn’t the last warning, you can find the warning by searching for user_warnings by user_id:

UserWarning.where(user_id: the_user_id)

This will give you an array of warnings for that user. You can then destroy the warning by using the warning’s id. For example:


Destroying the warning will leave the PM in place. The PM will no longer be a warning.


Closed in favour of Proposal: Undo Official Warning