Users should not be able to remove themselves from "Official Warning" PM

I have something I’d like to add to this.

I recently sent a Moderator Warning PM to a user, who immediately went in and removed himself from the message. :roll_eyes:

For warnings, shouldn’t this feature be turned off?


I moved your reply to a separate topic. I agree users shouldn’t be able to remove themselves from an Official Warning PM, that pretty much defeats the purpose.

(That said, you do know they saw it :stuck_out_tongue:)

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That’s true. I know he saw it, but really…

Here’s a screenshot of it. (and yes, I did tick the “official warning” box) image


Sorry, I was saying I agree with you that users shouldn’t be able to remove themselves, not that they currently are unable to. Edited my above post.


Right but does it matter? They clearly saw it, staff can add them back in any time if they need to, etc?


In this case, yes, it mattered, I needed to know if he was doing something purposefully or if he really didn’t understand what he was doing wrong.

Turns out that even though I’d warned him several times, he hadn’t bothered to try to understand. Spent over an hour trying to teach him to use the “Edit” button. Still doesn’t understand.

(I know, TMI)