Unexpected Default Dark on Ubuntu Budgie / Android 11 Firefox

Hi, the default seems to be dark mode on some devices. Is there a way to change this?

I see this on:

  1. Ubuntu budgie desktop - default color scheme is always dark.
  2. Android mobile (Firefox browser) defaults to dark.

Details about my setup:

  • Only one theme (Air) active with a Light color palette enabled and default.
  • One additional Dark Color scheme (Air Dark) set to be selected by users (under Colors).
  • Default dark scheme color id set to Air Dark in Settings.
  • Dark-Light Toggle theme component enabled.

I think it may be this last one that’s causing some issues:

Does disabling that help?


No, disabling Dark/Light Mode Toggle has not effect on discourse identifying the system dark/light state.

Also, the Dark/Light Mode Toggle was showing up and working correctly.


Is this for anons, or for you personally?

Perhaps you have this set as dark in your preferences on those two browsers? Would removing this as user selectable clear this up?


For anons, it is dark.

For me, the moment I change the Profile - Color Scheme - Dark Mode to a Dark scheme (switching away from ‘Same as regular’), the default becomes dark.

So it appears the system scheme is somehow being read as dark by default.


With my two swings and two misses, I’ve split this off into its own #support topic to try and get some more eyes on it. :slight_smile: :+1:


Can you post the URL to your site and screenshots of the theme settings relating to color schemes?


Here please. I will PM you the URL.

I had switched off dark mode due to the issue earlier and have enabled it for you to see. So please let me know after you take a look, thanks.

Enabled theme:

Active Theme Settings:

Light Color Scheme:

Dark Color Scheme:

Default Dark Mode Setting:


Thanks. Can you do the following:

  • disable the dark-light toggle component
  • test on different browsers in Ubuntu/Android but using incognito/private mode (so that no cookies) are loaded

And please post the results here, per browser. (I tested on macOS Chrome and Android 11 via BrowserStack and see no issues.)


Tested and have just the same results.
Default is dark mode in both Ubuntu Budgie and Android.

Did you see Light in Android 11 Anonymous?
Thank you.


Yes. What are the details of your Android system (device/OS versions)?


I managed to test this a little more on Android 11 and it appears different browsers behave differently.

The good news is that this works on:

  • Android 11 / Chrome and Edge
  • iPhone 7 Plus - iOS 15.6.1 / Safari (also tested now)

It does not work on:

  • Android 11 / Firefox
  • Ubuntu Budgie - Dark mode

(I corrected the browser name Firefox and dark mode option in Ubuntu Budgie in OP to avoid future confusion)

I believe these are to do with the respective OS/browser, so we could drop the case here. Most appreciate your time and proactive support.


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