Unwanted Guidelines empty link in the about section

Hello everybody,

I want to configure urls in the about section of my discourse forum. (Version 2.8.0.beta10-b75cbec4b6)
I go to the admin section → Settings → Legal

There is see 4 settings : tos url, privacy policy url, faq url, log anonymizer details

Adding an url to the first one “tos url” works perfectly.
Same for the privacy policy url.

But when adding an url for the FAQ url. The FAQ link work as intended in the about section. But discourse created a new section Guidelines with no link (cfr screenshot). I didn’t ask for this guideline link to pop from nowhere. I don’t see anywhere to set up a link for these guidelines. And I’ve now a bugged Guidelines link in my about section.

This empty link disappear if I discard my changes and put an empty FAQ url in the admin setting.

Is this a known bug, or did I miss something in my settings / config ?

Thanks by advance !