Upgrade Failed from v1.7.0.beta3 +20 TO 1.7.0.beta3

(Agung) #1


I’m trying to upgrade from v1.7.0.beta3 +20 TO 1.7.0.beta3

Got this error message

Compressing: application-5f751a6fe3e92d4cf1a5cb351c574378c5b0122f205342ab2a3895c8c45e394a.js
uglifyjs '/var/www/discourse/public/assets/_application-5f751a6fe3e92d4cf1a5cb351c574378c5b0122f205342ab2a3895c8c45e394a.js' -p relative -c -m -o '/var/www/discourse/public/assets/application-5f751a6fe3e92d4cf1a5cb351c574378c5b0122f205342ab2a3895c8c45e394a.js' --source-map-root '/assets' --source-map '/var/www/discourse/public/assets/application-5f751a6fe3e92d4cf1a5cb351c574378c5b0122f205342ab2a3895c8c45e394a.js.map' --source-map-url '/assets/application-5f751a6fe3e92d4cf1a5cb351c574378c5b0122f205342ab2a3895c8c45e394a.js.map'

Update :
Something strange happend after failed upgrade, here is the screenshot :

After “click here to upgrade”

Hope somebody can help

thank you

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

That’s strange, I’m fairly certain the latest tests_passed release is 1.7.0.beta3+20, as that’s what my instance is running…


It can happen if the memory usage is too heavy. You may want to check your swap file, make sure it’s big enough.

To have the latest version after a killed upgrade, use the console and do a ./launcher rebuild app

(Agung) #4

@Steven swap is ok, memory 63%. I’ll trying to do rebuild now

(Agung) #5


Rebooting server, do apt-get upgrade (apparently it upgrade docker-engine)

then doin launcher cleanup, rebuild app
got this error :

After reboot & ./launcher rebuild app, discourse back online

SOLVED, Thanks @Steven, @jomaxro

(Régis Hanol) #6