Upgrade link missing?

Surely I’m blind, but I don’t see a link to the upgrade.

The v1.7.6 link links to github, but I don’t see anywhere that I can click to get to


Try by visiting this URL: https://forum.example.com/admin/docker

Edit: I just anonymized the link above :slight_smile:

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Thanks. And my link (which I probably should have anonymized first) works fine, it’s just that in recent memory, there was a link to the upgrade page on the admin page. Most people won’t be able to guess at the upgrade/docker url.


Yes you are right. Me too, I just discovered thisway of upgrade accessing through the URL.

Anyway I find it more successful to do it with rebuild since it usually stop the upgrading process somewhere in the middle (even if the upgrade was successful) and some times its fails then you need to reset the upgrade. It just happened to me today. This area need some fixing for sure.

Hmm is this a recent ember related change regression @eviltrout? Can you take a peek? Seems weird that the upgrade link is missing…


Had an identical problem, thx for the hint with the link.


Thanks, I’ve fixed it in this commit thanks to help from @tgxworld.

The outlets/custom-html are going to be a little tricky to fix properly in the later versions of Ember before we merge into master, but for now functionality is restored.