Upgrade page empty

I got a notif today about upgrading, but navigating to the upgrade page, I find it is blank:

I see there are several threads about this, and the concensus seems to be to manually rebuild. But the thing is I literally performed a manual rebuild two days ago, when I installed a custom Onebox plugin I just wrote:

I’d like to understand why this blank page is happening. Is there something amiss with my trivial plugin that caused this, or that I need to change? Is it unrelated to the plugin, and if so, what I can do to avoid this situation in the future?

Does it happen if you disable the plugins in safe-mode? That may help you narrow it down.


The /upgrade link is no longer present on the safe-mode /admin page and trying to navigate there manually does not work

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

If you untick ‘disable all plugins’, but leave the other two, it’s there. :+1: Disabling the official plugins will disable docker-manager, but you should still be able to check themes and unofficial plugins, if that’s any help?

Do you have any red alert in the console if you type F12 in the upgrade page?

@JammyDodger Ah, thank you. No that does not help, the upgrade page is completely blank, even in safe mode with themes and unofficial plugins disabled.

@Steven yes, this is in the JS console log

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So, just summarizing, it appears the page is blank due to a 500 HTTP error from an AJAX request to


Is there a known explanation for this? Is there any corrective action short of a manual rebuild?

If there is a 500 error, there should be a corresponding entry at /logs.

@Falco Thanks, I was not aware of that endoint. The error is

NoMethodError (undefined method downcase' for nil:NilClass) lib/middleware/omniauth_bypass_middleware.rb:71:in call’ lib/content_security_policy/middleware.rb:12:in `call’ lib/middleware/anonymous_c

plugins/docker_manager/app/controllers/docker_manager/admin_controller.rb:40:in `block in repos'
plugins/docker_manager/app/controllers/docker_manager/admin_controller.rb:29:in `map!'
plugins/docker_manager/app/controllers/docker_manager/admin_controller.rb:29:in `repos'
actionpack ( lib/action_controller/metal/basic_implicit_render.rb:6:in `send_action'
actionpack ( lib/abstract_controller/base.rb:228:in `process_action'
actionpack ( lib/action_controller/metal/rendering.rb:30:in `process_action'
actionpack ( lib/abstract_controller/callbacks.rb:42:in `block in process_action'
activesupport ( lib/active_support/callbacks.rb:106:in `run_callbacks'
actionpack ( lib/abstract_controller/callbacks.rb:41:in `process_action'
actionpack ( lib/action_controller/metal/rescue.rb:22:in `process_action'
actionpack ( lib/action_controller/metal/instrumentation.rb:34:in `block in process_action'
activesupport ( lib/active_support/notifications.rb:203:in `block in instrument'
activesupport ( lib/active_support/notifications/instrumenter.rb:24:in `instrument'
activesupport ( lib/active_support/notifications.rb:203:in `instrument'
actionpack ( lib/action_controller/metal/instrumentation.rb:33:in `process_action'
actionpack ( lib/action_controller/metal/params_wrapper.rb:249:in `process_action'
activerecord ( lib/active_record/railties/controller_runtime.rb:27:in `process_action'
actionpack ( lib/abstract_controller/base.rb:165:in `process'
actionview ( lib/action_view/rendering.rb:39:in `process'
rack-mini-profiler (2.3.3) lib/mini_profiler/profiling_methods.rb:85:in `block in profile_method'
actionpack ( lib/action_controller/metal.rb:190:in `dispatch'
actionpack ( lib/action_controller/metal.rb:254:in `dispatch'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/routing/route_set.rb:50:in `dispatch'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/routing/route_set.rb:33:in `serve'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/routing/mapper.rb:19:in `block in <class:Constraints>'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/routing/mapper.rb:49:in `serve'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/journey/router.rb:50:in `block in serve'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/journey/router.rb:32:in `each'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/journey/router.rb:32:in `serve'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/routing/route_set.rb:842:in `call'
railties ( lib/rails/engine.rb:539:in `call'
railties ( lib/rails/railtie.rb:207:in `public_send'
railties ( lib/rails/railtie.rb:207:in `method_missing'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/routing/mapper.rb:20:in `block in <class:Constraints>'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/routing/mapper.rb:49:in `serve'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/journey/router.rb:50:in `block in serve'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/journey/router.rb:32:in `each'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/journey/router.rb:32:in `serve'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/routing/route_set.rb:842:in `call'
lib/middleware/omniauth_bypass_middleware.rb:71:in `call'
rack (2.2.3) lib/rack/tempfile_reaper.rb:15:in `call'
rack (2.2.3) lib/rack/conditional_get.rb:27:in `call'
rack (2.2.3) lib/rack/head.rb:12:in `call'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/http/permissions_policy.rb:22:in `call'
lib/content_security_policy/middleware.rb:12:in `call'
lib/middleware/anonymous_cache.rb:356:in `call'
rack (2.2.3) lib/rack/session/abstract/id.rb:266:in `context'
rack (2.2.3) lib/rack/session/abstract/id.rb:260:in `call'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/middleware/cookies.rb:689:in `call'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/middleware/callbacks.rb:27:in `block in call'
activesupport ( lib/active_support/callbacks.rb:98:in `run_callbacks'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/middleware/callbacks.rb:26:in `call'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/middleware/actionable_exceptions.rb:18:in `call'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/middleware/debug_exceptions.rb:29:in `call'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/middleware/show_exceptions.rb:33:in `call'
logster (2.9.8) lib/logster/middleware/reporter.rb:43:in `call'
railties ( lib/rails/rack/logger.rb:37:in `call_app'
railties ( lib/rails/rack/logger.rb:28:in `call'
config/initializers/100-quiet_logger.rb:23:in `call'
config/initializers/100-silence_logger.rb:31:in `call'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/middleware/remote_ip.rb:81:in `call'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/middleware/request_id.rb:26:in `call'
lib/middleware/enforce_hostname.rb:23:in `call'
rack (2.2.3) lib/rack/method_override.rb:24:in `call'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/middleware/executor.rb:14:in `call'
rack (2.2.3) lib/rack/sendfile.rb:110:in `call'
actionpack ( lib/action_dispatch/middleware/host_authorization.rb:92:in `call'
rack-mini-profiler (2.3.3) lib/mini_profiler/profiler.rb:249:in `call'
message_bus (3.3.6) lib/message_bus/rack/middleware.rb:61:in `call'
lib/middleware/request_tracker.rb:198:in `call'
railties ( lib/rails/engine.rb:539:in `call'
railties ( lib/rails/railtie.rb:207:in `public_send'
railties ( lib/rails/railtie.rb:207:in `method_missing'
rack (2.2.3) lib/rack/urlmap.rb:74:in `block in call'
rack (2.2.3) lib/rack/urlmap.rb:58:in `each'
rack (2.2.3) lib/rack/urlmap.rb:58:in `call'
unicorn (6.0.0) lib/unicorn/http_server.rb:634:in `process_client'
unicorn (6.0.0) lib/unicorn/http_server.rb:732:in `worker_loop'
unicorn (6.0.0) lib/unicorn/http_server.rb:547:in `spawn_missing_workers'
unicorn (6.0.0) lib/unicorn/http_server.rb:143:in `start'
unicorn (6.0.0) bin/unicorn:128:in `<top (required)>'
vendor/bundle/ruby/2.7.0/bin/unicorn:25:in `load'
vendor/bundle/ruby/2.7.0/bin/unicorn:25:in `<main>'
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One of the plugins you have installed has a nil name somehow

You can run DockerManager::GitRepo.find_all in a Rails console to check where this is coming from.

@Falco Well I guess (assume) that would be my Onebox plugin, though I am not sure why things also did not work in safe mode. In any case I cobbled this one file together from pieces, never having written any Ruby before, if you happen to know how/where I should specify the “name” that would be appreciated:

Maybe follow an example like

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:open_mouth: I did refer to several examples, I just would have never guessed the name was parsed out of a comment, and not configured as actual data/code. I’ll update my plugin and rebuild, thanks.

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