Admin upgrade page is blank and /admin/plugins won't load either

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I have similar issues from the topic above, however there are some important differences, hence why I decided to create a new topic instead.

Anytime I have this plugin (linked below) installed the /admin/upgrade page just remains blank and I get the following errors in the browser log.

Blank page screenshot

Errors that appear in the browser console

The Plugin that causes this works fine without any problems but it just prevents some admin pages from loading. The source to the plugin can be found here:

Plugins page
The /admin/plugins page also fails to load and it shows the following error on the screen:

I didn’t make the plugin myself, I copied it from another source. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it. If anyone can help me out/point me in the right direction when it comes to figuring out what I did wrong please let me know.


EDIT I forgot to mention that updating discourse using the ./launcher rebuild app in the Linux terminal still works. It’s just the web pages that are broken. Also if this is in the wrong category, I’m sorry

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Then the plugin is broken, remove it and rebuild.

Hmm that’s a shame, its only a few lines of code and I’m really not sure what’s wrong. Anyway thanks for the help.
nvm figured it out. Messed up the file :man_facepalming: