Uploading Watched Words is not working?

Hi, what file type should be used to upload words from a file? “Add from file”

The upload input on the watched words page is looking for a .txt file. That file should contain one word per line.


Thanks! I’ve now uploaded my .txt file. I get a message that says, “Upload successful. Words have been added.”

However, no words then appear to be added.

Is the ‘show words’ checkbox checked? Words will only be shown when that box is checked.

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Hi, yes. And when it isn’t checked, it shows the “0 words” text.

Which action are you trying to upload the words to? One thing to note is that you cannot add the same word to multiple watched word actions.


Hi, so I took the risk of deleting my watched words section, then attempting to upload the .txt file to the blocked words section. Unfortunately, it is still not loading the new word list from the document.

Do you see any errors in the browser console or /logs?

Having the same problem and can’t see any solutions on here - did you crack it @outofthebox ?

I’ve just given it a run-through on my test site with a 3 word csv file added to ‘Block’ and it has worked for me?

Could you give a few more details of what you’re trying and what’s going wrong?

Hi Aaron, I wish I could help, but I don’t remember how that worked out!

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Exactly the same as the OP, thanks @JammyDodger

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Thanks @outofthebox, it was a while back so understandable!

I’ve just given it a go with a .txt file rather than a csv and that did work for two of the three words, but not the third as I had forgotten to add the comma at the end. :slight_smile: Does your word list have commas in, or just a list of words?



Thanks so much @JammyDodger - I managed to get it working by adding the commas, but made one small tweak to the text and it won’t work again. Finding this function really inconsistent :tired_face:

Working with 75 words or phrases so it’s a few too many to do manually

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I think you can break them up and do them in smaller batches, which may help you find the one that’s giving you trouble. :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

I also find typing them into a spreadsheet (with no commas) and exporting that as a csv to be a pretty smooth way of adding bigger lists if you ever need to do a bigger one. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions @JammyDodger , I’m repeating the same task with the same files and sometimes getting no words added, sometimes one, sometimes three!

Will pick it up again tomorrow when Discourse may be feeling differently! Appreciate your help though :pray:t3:

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