Uppy not working on Firefox 68 - Android

Their example page does not work on my setup.

Android 9
Firefox for Android 68.11.0 (the last version with user script support)

File upload on Discourse had always been working with my setup.


This old version of Firefox is unsupported by Discourse. ResizeObserver is supported by all our target browsers for two years now.


Yes, as I imagined. :slight_smile:

I hope one day a browser — preferably Vivaldi or Firefox — will put user script support (back) to their mobile version, because there is no internet for me, without user scripts, so I must keep Firefox 68. :wink:


Dangerous game to be playing, especially on mobile, if you visit a wrong website your android could become property of some hacker

Security fixes are not backported that far by the team at Mozilla


Yes, there are no updates since 68.11.0 long time ago. Even the release notes are missing.

Maybe uBlock Origin (I have many extensions, most important being Violentmonkey and Stylus) is protecting me little bit, somehow.

But I always go to the same 4 or 5 websites.
Thanks for your warning, though
I could install Vivaldi for other sites, but switching between 2 browsers… :worried:

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