Used Mailgun to register Discourse. Is using mailchimp redundant?

I signed up for mailgun to have a domain email address. Currently it is forwarding all emails to my personal email.

I want to start a newsletter, and was told mailchimp is the way to go to achieve this for ease of use and design.

I know there is a slight overlap between the two, but mailgun is mainly directed at developers (of which, I am not), while mailchimp is directed towards marketers (also, not a marketer).

Is it redundant to use both?

Is there a better workflow to achieve both a newsletter and an email service for my domain/discourse?

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Mailgun has a way to send bulk messages. It should be OK to use both Mailgun and Mailchimp.

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Yeah totally normal to use both! We use Mailgun for automated (aka “transactional”) emails, both Discourse and things like Wordpress account creation notifications. And Mailchimp for everything else i.e. newsletter / marketing stuff.