User administration: some boolean values not translated

I noticed that some boolean values on the /admin/users/<userid>/<username> page are not translated:

I wonder why the “Aktiv” value is translated, but the others are not.


Alright, so the reason is that the user-index.hbs template does this explicitly for the active field…

… but not for the others:

Submitted a PR to correct this:

Afterwards it looks like this:


Hi Claas, may you guide how you find not-translated strings?

or let’s say, I know that badge system, or the tag system, or some parts in the profile pages do not have Persian translation and texts are not translatable via admin panel, but since they’re not plugins and are parts of the source code I don’t have any idea where/how to find them and how to add translations.

I saw what you added to the above file, but I couldn’t follow it and find out my way.

thanks in advance,


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