Editing plugin translation strings in the admin panel when the forum language is not defined for the plugin has no effect

If the current forum language does not exist in the plugin, then overriding strings in the admin panel does not work.

As an example: if I have a plugin which only has english language translations, and somebody installs it on a french forum, the english strings will be used (this makes sense).

However, if the forum owner goes into the admin panel and tries to update the translation string, that change has no effect.

See today:

And also in April:



Could be related to this:


Ran into this issue again today with @Ogulcan. Is there any plan to get it fixed, and if not would someone be able to point me to the right area of the codebase so I can attempt to fix it myself?

@eviltrout I have seen this reported elsewhere, perhaps you can add to your list to have a look.


Looks like this might be fixed now :slight_smile: