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Hi there,

we proudly have a discourse installation v2.4.0.beta2 +12 for our community needs.

A fex days ago, an user reported he wasn’t able to log in. Discourse says “vous ne pouvez pas vous connecter en tant XXX avec cette adresse IP” (=“you can’t connect as XXX with this IP address”).

We tried many things such as force-disconnect him, check his profile, check if his IP was in blacklist, then whitelist it (on IPv4 and IPv6)… We don’t know what to do then and we’d like a little help from the community !

NB : only one user has reported this issue, but upon our several hundreds of users, only a small part posts regularly. I guess other users have this issue but haven’t told us…

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What is he using to log in with? I had a user on my forum who dug out an old MS Windows phone from his closet to use on a sailing holiday. Then he found out he couldn’t log in to the forum.
So, what is his OS, Browser, etc.?

Hi @JimPas, thank you for answering me.

In the meantime, I asked the user to reset his provider box to factory presets, and he’s now able to connect again ! Weird fact, given to “” his IP was ?!

Thx for your time !


Are you using a reverse proxy with that ip?

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