User Posts in a Topic

We have several large threads in my forum and I use the “posts in topic” function quite frequently to look at individuals separately.


However, starting today (April 2), after clicking on it and attempting to scroll down through the posts, it stops and reverts back to ALL posts in topic.

I did check with other users and am not the only one this is happening to.

EDIT: Just tested it here on one of the larger threads and the same thing happened.


I’ve just tested this with the topic at There are a few users who have created a lot of posts in that topic. What I am finding is that I can scroll through their posts with my browser’s scroll bar without any problem. If, instead, I try to use the topic’s timeline to scroll through the posts, the timeline will revert to pulling in all the topic’s posts. The issue seems to happen if I scroll far enough in the timeline to cause a request to be made to the database to pull in more posts.

I’ve moved this topic to our bug category.


Thanks, Simon, this should now be fixed (via this PR) for navigation using the topic timeline or when clicking on the topic title in the header. In other cases (for example, if you click on a notification in the user dropdown menu), we want the current filter to be cleared when showing the relevant post.

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For those of us not well-versed in this, does the fix mean that we can use the scroll bar on the side without it reverting back to all the posts in the topic?

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Yes @Slowhand, it means that once you’re in a filtered view of posts in a topic, navigating using the timeline will not revert to all the posts. It should keep the filter unless you specifically click “Show All” in the overlay.