User status shows an emoji two times

Screenshot shows everything necessary, I hope.

I had user status on and it is using facepalm emoji. If I remove name that second emoji disappears. If I has like one character long name it comes back.

I couldn’t repro it here. And no, safe-mode did not help.

I have open another similar issue of double icons — can those be related?

This has bothered me longer, because I’ve used user status back then when it was a hidden option.


I think this has already been fixed if you update to latest. :+1:

I’m not sure about your double thumbs though.



I did updating yesterday a little bit after midnight if I remember right. But I update anyway around twice or three times every week so updating today is not that big question for me :joy:

Damn. When I’ll learn — always update before asking :man_facepalming:


Or at least tell us the commit you’re running so that we can tell if you have the merged fixes :grimacing:

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