Users list problem

Experience major issue with “Users list”
It does not update in realtime.
Last update - 14 hours ago and does not show new users approved. Very pity that there`s no option to force update.
Is there any way to regularly (1-5 mins) update users list? Using whether settings or change code (in which way)? Thank You!

the new user list is at admin-users-new

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@Lilly Thank You.
So “active” and “users” on the left menu (not in admin) shows users that are in some way active? Different from “new” (which “shows all” in my case as I just started instance and there`s only 13 users in total)?

if you set the user list interval period filter to daily (or any date range), it should show you when it was last updated. the date filter settings are at the top.