Users who have closed their accounts or system deleting users?

Is there a way we can see how many users have closed their accounts? Can’t find anything regarding this. Our forum(hosted with you guys), is showing almost a fixed amount of users over months(between 930-950)…we had many signups by now but we can’t see that number moving up(in one week 31 new sigups and numbers went from 938 to 947…that’s impossible, numbers do not match)

Our forum has been alive just by one year so automated deletion has not take place yet, unless Discourse by itself has been deleting users on every update(i think this happened before) all we can imagin is that users have been deleting their accounts…hence the question about where we can see that number or some statistics related to that.


You can check{"action_name"%3A"delete_user"%2C"action_id"%3A1} for a log of user deletions.

Users without posts and inactive for over 2 years are automatically deleted, and this can be changed in the settings.


Thanks Falco for your quick answer! I can see many users deleted but question is why? I can see messages like “Deleted by self from /u/inancakduvan/preferences/account” which means that the user himself deleted his own account…that’s fine but all the other deletions are like “Automatically deleted as abandoned, deactivated account”…and it shows as deleted by “system”.

We have automated deletions from 13 days, 18, 19, 24 days ago…sometimes 10 to 12 users deleted by system in just one day…why…it is not supposed that automated deletions happen when reached 2 years of zero activity on forum? Our forum has 11 month live by now…

This doesn’t appear to be deletions coming from the inactive job, as that one contains context:

What info shows when you click on the :information_source: Show link?

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Maybe something to check ? (EDIT: Doesn’t seem to be this, according to Falco comments in the meantime)

PS: Find me too picky if you want, but I’m not sure exposing publicly IP adresses of users is a great thing (especially the second one in the list on your picture showing a user name + his IP)

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Yeah sorry…i was in a rush and doing like 10 things right now…image removed. Thanks

The first one as an example…when i click on the “Show” button:

id: 1429
username: the username
name: the name of the user
created_at: 2020-08-12 06:07:28 UTC
trust_level: 0
last_emailed_at: 2020-08-14 07:47:27 UTC

…the third on(the second one was deleted by another admin):

id: 1177
username: the username
name: the name of the user
created_at: 2020-06-21 12:58:16 UTC
trust_level: 0
last_emailed_at: 2020-06-21 12:58:17 UTC

It’s only wild guesses, but maybe accounts with invalid emails (email returned) or never activated (I don’t know how quick an account may be deleted in this case)

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Just wondering myself the same maybe they never activated the account so, the system deleted them after some time…but will need some kind of confirmation on this behaviour @Falco ?

Do you need more data to see what’s happening here @Falco. I can send you a csv file recently exported for you to check those deleted users by system account…Just let me know

Was checking some other answers i found and it seems like the users being deleted by system are users who never activated their accounts as @Mevo suggested.

“purge unactivated users grace period days” is set to 14 days so i guess after some calculations that many of the users deleted were deleted because of this…except by a few like one user created on June 21, 2020 and deleted on August 1st…which is weird because 14 days give me an idea that the user should be deleted in the first days of July…So the system keept the user fora whole month before proceed to delete him…weird…

Also the “Context” colum is not always showing me the reason for the deletion as you can see in the image above…Is this something normal?


To clarify, “unactivated users” here means people who never confirmed their email. Deleting them is necessary to prevent someone from abusing the forum by reserving a bunch of usernames attached to email addressess that will never deliver.


Perhaps a dumb question here, but regarding the user(s) that seem to have stuck around for more than 14 days:

Could they have been spammers? I don’t own/moderate a discourse, so I don’t have any way to check logs. Perhaps a team member could clarify:

  1. Spammer posts & gets flagged as spam
  2. Moderator (not admin) reviews post flag queue and clicks “Delete Spammer”
  3. System deletes and blocks account.
  4. ?? What account is marked as performing the Deletion? The Mod? System? Is context/reason listed?
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