Using Discourse For Course Community

Hello, I am considering using Discourse for my course community and was wondering if there was a way to segment free and paid users within Discourse.

For example, I’d like to have a free forum and then another private section of the forum that users only get access to when they buy my course. Is this possible using Discourse?

Also, I’ll be using Kajabi for my course and was wondering if Discourse and Kajabi can integrate so that when someone buys on Kajabi they also get automatic access to the private section of the Forum?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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You can use groups and then set up certain categories so only the “Paid” group can see that category. It is under category security.


Thanks so much! So that will require manual adding? I’m currently having to manually add people to a Facebook group anyways so it’s not a huge problem, but if I could automate it would amazing

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After setting up the groups, you can also use bulk invites to add members to specific groups. This guide explains this process in detail:

And if you want to better understand how to use groups for your specific use case, see this guide:


It should be possible, though it’ll take a custom plugin. If you have a budget and a clear description of the integration you desire you can post in #marketplace.


There are lots of third party sign-in options with Kajabi, and it looks like you weren’t the first to ask about Discourse integration. Maybe hit up @joebuhlig:


Thank you! Really appreciate it! I’ll take a look at those posts :slight_smile:


Thanks Jay! If I go with Discourse (which I’m leaning towards) then I’ll definitely leave a post in the marketplace for a custom plugin. I checked Zapier and while they do connect Discourse and Kajabi it doesn’t do it in the way I need.


Thanks for referencing that post! I’ll reach out to him if I go with Discourse!

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