Using personas of AI bot without robot-icon?

AI bot communicates using PM. But I can see menu for different personas only when used robot-icon on the header. Is there a way to use personas when the icon is disabled?

The actual issue I’m trying to solve out is common layout glitch. My android users are complaining because there isn’t enough room between logo and icons and that’s why icons and the hamburger drops down to next row and breaks layout — because there is category navbar etc.

My iPhone shows everything right, though. But the header is a bit crowded now indeed.

So using AI bot purely through PM would be a solution, but easy access is missing, or I just can’t. Of course I could disable category banner too, but I’m used to use it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Layout issue is solved, or reason for it is solved: if font size of Discourse is larger than normal the layout will not love it.

And that wasn’t the reason. Plus few other android-users see the layout just fine. I’m trying to find out what is phone and browser (I would guess Samsung… it is always Samsung :smirk:)

Edit: another mobileuser on desktop mode. It defenetly should be an option at user settings.

But still… can we use personas without robot-icon? Or is this just part of dev procesess (btw, I did rebuilding this morning and AI helper for tags etc disappeared, but small popup is there — but that is another story)

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