Video embed autoplay when loading new replies (scrolling up or down)

Ok, so I’ve found and gave e cursory read to this:

Paused/finished YouTube videos automatically start playing when scrolling up far enough to load new posts - #63 by david which theoretically should have solved the issue. However, I am on 3.1.0.beta6 (b91228d6c2) and this problematic behaviour is still alive and well.

Now, to be extra sure that it’s not a problem due to some plugin/component/whatever, I’d appreciate if anyone could just reply even some classic “lorem ipsum” comments to be able to reach a point in which the topic will have the continuous pagination triggering to see if the issue is reproducible here on meta as well.

Using the first random video mentioning discourse I can find:

If you want to see some example on our installation (forum in italian, topic is about AI generated ads), doesn’t matter for the purpose of the potential bug. Start the video in this link, then stop it or let if finish, then scroll down.

Honestly I hate having to spam to do this here but the message have been sitting here since the 28 of July and had zero response.

The best way I can get attention is to show on the official website that there is a problem. If it doesn’t happen here, then there is some substantial difference between the version here and the one distributed for the community I guess.

It seems that the latest version have fixed the issue on our end as well. Please leave this open in case it start happening again so we don’t need to spam again eventually

So updating to latest has fixed the issue for you?

As this seems resolved for you now I’m going to close this off. I’ll also clear away the spam replies, but if the issue reoccurs please flag this topic and we can sort an alternative out for you to test it out on. :+1:

As a general tip, I would suggest updating to Latest before trying to replicate any bugs. Also, using where possible is also encouraged - though I find having a small staging or test site to confirm bugs on is really useful, especially if you have a live site that’s notably different to standard.

Sometimes bug reports do take some time to get to. Priority is often given to those with multiple reports, or where someone else has confirmed a repro (to rule out the site itself being an issue). I’m sorry this one didn’t get attention sooner, but I’m glad it’s fixed for you now. :pray: