Vimeo onebox player disappearing after app rebuild

Hey team, first time poster long time reading.

We have some Vimeo video content in several topics where we used onebox to display the Video Player. It was working like a charm but now it seems when we rebuild the app, the video won’t load correctly.

Then if we click edit on the post and save without actually changing anything, the video renders correctly again.

Any ideas?


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Let’s try it here?

Are you sure these are public videos?

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They aren’t public, but they are accessible.

I guess one caveat is that we are using the direct link to the video as they are hidden.

By your comment, I am assuming the onebox is certified for public video and the fact a hidden may work temporarily doesn’t exactly matter as its not a certified use-case?


We were able to get around this on our side, apologies for the clutter.

While onebox wouldn’t be a solution here, we were able to whitelist iframe from vimeo and embed the video instead.

Thanks again.


I spent some time banging my head with this until I realized that it was an issue due to Vimeo’s ban on Digital Ocean IPs. You have to contact them directly to fix it. See:

Also, it would be a good idea to include a reference about this in this closed topic (it’s the first one that came up in search):

UPDATE: It takes about two days from the time you contact them until they whitelist your IP.