Visualised traffic statistics

We now have fancy visual graphs to help community managers better track activity trends in their Discourse forum. This feature was quietly released by @sam some weeks ago; now we’d like some feedback.

You can see the graph for any traffic stat in your dashboard by clicking on it, like these ones:

Example stats from Meta

Identify peaks at a glance:

Set custom date ranges:

Filter data for specific groups:


Every categories you choose the graph is always the same

Category Assistenza (the most viewed in our forum)

Category Prove (a very poor number of topics, only for test some plugin)

Is it normal?
I just tried with private category, with the same result.

Did you hit “Refresh report”?

Sure, everytime I change something (date, category or groups)

I’m pretty sure I already reported this as a bug, and it was marked as fixed last week:


I absolutely love it :heart_exclamation:

One improvement I would like is for there to be an actual .../admin/reports/ page so I wouldn’t need to go to the dashboard first.
If not a menu button, a kind of “report home page” would do.
I have no problem remembering and entering /reports/ in the browser address bar, but I often mess up on the actual report address names.

What I would really, really, really like to be able to do is to find a way to extend the feature so that custom report pages could be used. Something like a combination of the Data Expolrer plugin and Reports.

Not necessarily a Core UI to do so, a way for plugin authors to use it would be fine.
( I’ve tried more than a few times off and on but so far have always failed in getting the routing right )


[quote]The category filter was giving error on page view reports because the category_id column does not exist in application_requests table.

I have removed the category filter from all page view reports.[/quote]

That’s ok but I still see the category filter. (Last update 2 days ago)

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I love it, but it seems the dates are not evenly spread (range is a year in this example). The lines have the same amount of space between them, but they don’t represent the same amount of days:


it just didn’t work correctly in Persian language:

Can you please tell me which stats you are viewing, or the URL of the stat?

Would it possible to get another filter on the timeframe i.e. day, week, month, year

That way we could pull stats for new users for jan, feb, march, april etc. or posts etc.

That would help visualise - especially with forums that have been around a while how growth is rather than the day to day figures.