Votes not being released after close

Are there any known issues with this? It doesn’t seem to be working for us:

  • I’m out of votes with a limit of 10, but only voted on 9 things here
  • The two highlighted topics are both closed, but still appear on my votes page / I’m still out of votes

Sounds similar to: Closed topics not returning votes to users - but the fix there was about moving topics between categories // which doesn’t apply here?


Hi guys

I can confirm that the issue is not fixed that I also originally reported here:

We tested this on a test instance with discourse v.2.1.0-dirty with the latest version of the voting plugin including the fix by OsamaSayegh.

Neither moving the topic to category with voting disabled nor closing the post will release the votes.


Actually nevermind. We just took the latest changes posted 12 days ago and it seems to be working. Sorry for the quick shots. Note: the current PR is still open, will it be reviewed any time soon?


Does it work if just closing now? We don’t want to move the topic to another category.

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I think it should, can you give it a shot?


hii i’m a discourse newbie - can i gather from this thread that when a vote is closed, anyone who voted should be notified of the results?

That’s not what it means. You have a certain amount of votes that you can use at any given time, which should be reclaimed after a vote (you can vote on more things after old voting topics close). It wasn’t happening, and now it is. That is the bug being discussed.


@sam @featheredtoast

I just tested this using v2.2.0.beta2 +5. I re-opened and re-closed a couple of topics that were previously closed with votes (when the bug was first occurring). After doing this, users that had voted in those topics report that they are still not able to vote because their previous votes were not reclaimed.

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So sorry, closing this as @Osama repaired the internal implementation a few years ago.

If there are any open issues with this please flag to reopen, or create a new topic.