Votes not being returned on topic close

I’m chasing down a similar issue. I think it’s cropped up a couple of times before but as yet I don’t think we’ve put our finger on the ‘why’.

I’ve just tested it with a topic timer for ‘Close after last post’ (hoping it was the missing piece I was looking for :slight_smile:), but my vote was returned as expected when the timer fired. :frowning:

Is there anything else special about the topics you’ve noticed this occurring on?

Also, if you have the data explorer installed/enabled you can have a look at any past topics where the topic is closed and/or archived but the votes haven’t been returned using this query:

FROM discourse_voting_votes dvv
  JOIN topics t ON = dvv.topic_id
  JOIN discourse_voting_topic_vote_count tvc ON tvc.topic_id = dvv.topic_id
WHERE dvv.archive = false
  AND (t.closed = true OR t.archived = true)
GROUP BY 1,2,3
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