Voting plugin: hiding closed topics

When using the Voting plugin, you will most likely want users to vote for topics that should be handled somehow. For example, voting for feature requests, or thinks like that.

In that regards, it should be very useful that users can easily see what are the topics that are “finished” (not entitled to be voted anymore, and what are not.

I’m using the concept of closing a topic to flag the topics that don’t need to be voted for anymore.

But right now all topics (closed and open) are listed for users. How users can easily see only the topics that should be voted for (i.e., the open ones)?

If you are an Admin on your Forum you should be able to unlist the topic by clicking the Admin Wrench on the right of the topic.

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Thank you @AEW745, but that will require me to do that manually for all topics.
And what if by any reason users want to see the closed topics as well?

When you close a topic it prevents the user from being able to vote.

What if you were to move these to a category just for closed voting topics? Using category permissions users can see topics but cannot vote. That would leave the topics users can vote public in another category?

You wouldn’t have to move each topics separately thanks to bulk admin actions.

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Thank you for all the suggestions. Yes, there are many options, actually.
But I was wondering if there was an easy way to do so. Just “list all topics” or “list open topics”. It seems it doesn’t.

If you append ?status=open to the end of your category link (eg. that will pull up only the open ones.


You can use the select topics feature to select multiple topics at once and Close them or unlist them from there.

Please note the following:

  • Closed Topics can be seen by anyone that has permissions to see the category.
  • Unlisted Topics are completely hidden from the public community. However, Admins and Moderators can still see hidden topics but everyone else won’t be able to.
  • Flagged Topics will be hidden from the community if anyone flags a post too many times.
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