VPS hosted discourse stuck at the spinner loading pages

Hi, I’ve been using discourse for over a year now on our Wainwrights on the Air site. It has been working beautifully, but then a couple of days ago it stopped working - the banner loads and a list of topics load but if you try and drill down into a post it just gets stuck at the spinner.

Eg: https://discourse.wota.xyz/t/some-old-photos-that-i-have-been-scanning/183/5

I have tried restarting discourse, and rebuilding discourse, but these have not fixed the issue.

Any clues to what might be the issue please?

Thanks, Mark

Your site https://discourse.wota.xyz/ seems to be unreachable over HTTPS. something is blocking connections to the secure version of your site and I’d blame a server misconfiguration. Have you disabled https for your site?


Hi Bhanu - thank you for the reply. I was confused as to why some content loads, and other content doesn’t.

The OVH VPS that is hosting this discourse site uses a separate SSL gateway, and the DNS hosting has changed recently, so I will update the DNS record to point to the SSL gateway, and hopefully that will resolve the issue.

Thanks, Mark.

You really don’t need to configure all that as long as you point your subdomain to your VPS and let discourse generate SSL for itself. DIscourse comes with built in support for free SSL from letsencrypt so you really don’t have to configure anything unless you want to.