Was this Article helpful? Yes or No

Do we have a feature where we can put a ‘Was this Article Helpful? Yes or No’ box below the articles?
It can help us understand user understanding better.

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This isn’t available as of now, Discourse is a community discussion platform not a customer support solution. However a lot of users have implemented Discourse to provide customer support but I’m yet to see anyone implement this feature.


If you mean the topic ratings, i found a similar exist solution,also you could customize your Discourse like this by plugin.


Hi…maybe we can try this. Thanks

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I’ve seen external services provide this functionality, as well as some self-hosted options. I forget what that specific tech is called (like, “feedback buttons”?), but it’s just a bit of javascript and markup to include in a page footer or similar, so that may be easier than having Discourse track it.

Or include a message: “Was this article helpful? Yes or No”, and have the links Compose a new pre-filled topic via URL, straight to a feedback category or private message. :sunglasses:

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If you do it in an API style it will be easier than creating a new Plugin


Was able to create this image
but need something like you shared


If you need to log in, you can use Compose a new pre-filled topic via URL to create a sample HTM format, then export it at the comment.
Cons 1 Vote is also alone argument.

If using VOTING plugin, each post must be inserted, or automatically inserted by the template of the directory.

I think I should change the VOTING plugin instead of using another API 1 domain + database to save data like my above image.