Weekly Summary

Welcome to our AI-generated Weekly Summary topic! :partying_face:

This is the topic where a weekly summary of meta’s activity is put together by our resident AI, trusty 'ol Bert, and posted here so everyone can get an overview of some of the top discussions over the past 7 days.

It’s set to fire every week at Sunday 21:00

If you’d like to get a ping whenever a new one is posted just set this topic to Watching (and if you change your mind, change it back :slight_smile:).

Much like the daily summary, feedback is certainly most welcome. We’ll be tweaking and refining the idea as we go, so all input is encouraged. We do have a separate topic for that to keep this one just for summaries, but you can find that here - Weekly Summary Feedback

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

:warning: Small caveat… AI (even GPT-4) does hallucinate, it is unavoidable. Don’t treat everything it says as truth, as there will likely be some lies mixed in. We’ll try to manually correct any if we spot them, but still… keep an eye out. :eyes: