Weekly Summary Feedback

To join our Daily Summaries[1], we’re also trying out an AI-generated Weekly Summary as well so that you can all get a snapshot of what’s been happening here on meta over the past 7 days.

This is the topic where you can share what you like and what you don’t like about the Weekly Summary, and offer up any suggestions on how we could make it better. :raised_hands:

Just to note, this topic is for feedback specifically about the Weekly Summary version (I’m sure some feedback will be applicable to both, but I think we may want different things out of a weekly one versus a daily version). Feedback for the Daily Summary can be found here - Daily Summary Feedback

  1. Daily Summary (5am UTC)
    Daily Summary (1pm UTC)
    Daily Summary (9pm UTC) ↩︎


Note to self. Remember to fix this before next week…


I think it was pulling the weekly data, but there were just a couple of references to ‘24 hours’ that snuck in from a stray line left over from the copy-pasting of the daily one I used as the base.

It’d be nice if Bert wasn’t so stingy in the amount of topics he included, but he seems to have no middle ground for this. You can have a few or you can have super lots. He made some nice choices for the handful he did pick though.


Wait, there is a weekly summary as well? Did not know that. But I’m glad the summaries are there because they give an insight on the forum.

An exciting week

Giving him a kick for a retry didn’t seem to work either. :person_shrugging: Looks like he’s firing blanks at the minute.

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Hi, sorry to jump in, but is there a topic (which I can’t find) on how to set this up?

Oh my… again…

Moving weekly to GPT4o to see if this is model related.