Welcome Link Banner

:discourse2: Summary Welcome Link Banner is a simple banner, similar to the one in use here on Meta, that allows you to add some custom text and 1-4 links.
:eyeglasses: Preview Preview on theme-creator.discourse.org
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-welcome-link-banner
:open_book: New to Discourse Themes? Beginner’s guide to using Discourse Themes

Install this theme component

This component comes with a variety of settings!

Name Description
show on Choose to show your banner on the homepage, topic lists, or all pages
banner links Add 1-4 links with font awesome icons and text (you might also need to add icons that aren’t included in Discourse by default to the svg_icons setting)
max trust level Only show the banner to users at specific trust levels
hide for staff
hide on mobile
layout Text-left (default) or text-top
plugin outlet allows you to change where the banner is rendered, if you’re using the sidebar try above-main-container
hide for anon Hides the banner from logged-out users
can be dismissed Allows users to click an x to hide the banner
banner background image Choose an image to display behind the banner
banner background repeat Configure background image repeat behavior
banner background size Adjust your background image size using CSS (more info)
banner background color No background image? Use a solid color!
banner box background color
banner text color
banner icon color
banner link color

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If you’re using the experimental sidebar, I’ve added a setting (plugin outlet) that will make the welcome banner appear above the content but not above the sidebar. Just change that setting to above-main-container.

Changing that setting will make the banner appear to the right of the sidebar, as our banner does here on Meta:


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