What are the cheapest ways to host a Discourse?

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What are the cheapest ways to host a Discourse currently? (for small communities)

Digital Ocean Alternative
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Anything that has at least 1GB of RAM and supports docker is fine for small communities.

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for one year the free plan of amazon web service may help:


If you setup micro everything redis elasticache and postgres RDS with an EC2 it’s surprisingly snappy. I think most or all of that is covered in the free trial offering.

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You have digitalocean , vultr , vpslowcost.com , ramnode , ovh …etc

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VPS SSD: The most affordable high performance VPS - OVH works well

$3.49 or €2.99 /month excl. vat.

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What is a small community? Would you please clarify.

Does it mean 100 users? 1000 users?


It’s more about concurrent users, not total users.

Also consider Scaleway. They do 2GB x86 w/50GB for €2.99/month. Been rock steady for me and use them for 2 sites. One has > 3000 registered users but < 50 concurrent users I expect.


Hetzner works for me:

1vCPU / 2GB RAM / 20 GB SSD

or the package I use:
2vCPU / 4GB RAM / 40 GB SSD

You also need a domain and e-mail server. I do not recommend to host your e-mail server your own. That is really difficult and you need lot of know how to maintain it. You could use gmail or some else free provider.

I do use strato for email and domain: 1.99€/month

So for 4€/month you can get a cloudbased server + domain + email

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