What category should plugin support be in?

Continuing the discussion from Adsense plugin creates div and content, but nothing shows up:

This topic is in extensibility, but it’s clearly a support request. Except it’s a support request for a plugin, so it’s a little bit different.

I see a few options for categorization:

  • extensibility
  • support
  • new subcategory of support, like wordpress
  • Off Topic (but then, what site should it be on?)

Keep in mind that the resolution of the topic should not affect your opinion, because that isn’t known when you categorize it. (It isn’t known whether the problem is with the Discourse configuration or the Google-side configuration.)


Probably just plain support, but linked to the plugin in the first post.

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Should this other topic really have been closed in that case?


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I just don’t like bug reports that we can’t do anything about. Not our bug!

Was it a bug or just a support request? Hard to tell?

Sometimes one turns into the other… If meta isn’t the right place to get support for 3rd party plugins, that’s fine, but based on the above statements, it feels like it would have been better to just recategorize the question into support.

Or maybe there is a better way…

Another precedent set here for plugin bug reports:

It probably makes sense for the plugin author to be responsible for determining where bug reports are made.

All plugin authors should be encouraged to provide the following information in their readme and/or in their plugin post here on meta.

  • How to Install

  • Where to ask questions / get support

  • Where to report bugs

I’d agree with that. Though I see why some people would potentially post bug reports and support requests here, if the author has said to deal with it in a certain way, just refer to them and the announcement post (and if it is at a different place, close the topic). They should take it from there – at least I will.

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