What does one-time install include?

(Jason Wojo) #1

Apologies if this exists or I’m in the wrong category. Does the $99 one-time install include configuration for email as well, or does the admin need to go into the code to set these values after the install? Overall, how much configuration is included?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

It’s a fully configured default Discourse, and Discourse is not at all functional without email, so yes, it does include email configuration by definition. :wink:

(For example, how would users sign up without working email? How would they get the account confirmation emails?)

You will have to set up things like logos, colors, initial content, inviting users, etcetera. But for $99 you do absolutely get one Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, ready to go!

So act now!

(Caue Rego) #3

So, I suppose you basically do everything on the 30 minutes guide, plus a whole lot more of professional email support.

I also hear it may include a few awesome unique coupons for Digital Ocean and / or Mandrill.

Now, there are a lot of “Additional Features” to be installed later on… Could the install also include a few of those, such as oAuth2, SSL, CDN, multiple sites and embedding on static?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

One-time install does not include any extra work, or deviation from the standard install. Anything optional you’ll need to do yourself following our howto guides here. There’s a reason we call it “self supported”.

(| full stack virgin) #5

can the onetime install include importing of json files for an extra bucks? i can’t seem to successfully import my json files to discourse

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Unfortunately no, an import / migration is quite a bit of work and outside the scope of the $99 self supported install.

(| full stack virgin) #7

yay! finally ive installed my discourse.
now , looking for how to install plugin tutorial :smiley: