What happens when you add a staged user to a discourse group?

I am in the process of adding a handful of staged users to invite them to join my community, who I subsequently want to add to a discourse group. It occurred to me that it might be nice to just add them to the group now, so that when they do join they’ll just immediately be there.

This does not yet seem to be properly developed functionality, since there is no way to add staged users via the /groups admin. It is possible to add a user via the user admin, however. When I look at the group members page, the user is listed there.

So… what is going to happen with this member? Will they start getting notifications about group messages? Topics and posts in private categories the group has access to?

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I just tested this out to see how it works. When a staged user is added to a group, they will get notifications about group messages, but by default, they won’t get notifications about posts and topics in private categories that the group has access to. If you edit the staged user’s preferences to watch the protected category, they will start getting notifications about topics and posts in the protected category.


this is great - thanks! so I can go ahead and add them, so there is no later step to add them to the group later. I like it.

Really I am enjoying this method of inviting people to join the network - would be great to somehow integrate this with the existing methods for inviting people and tracking who responds and ends up joining.

I am a big fan of this, as well! I found that the only way I could add staged users was if I went to their profile and added them to the group. Is there a faster way, like adding their email address directly from the add members interface on each group page?

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