What if Twitter implodes?

I haven’t seen this topic elsewhere, but maybe I missed it.

My site has a lot posts with tweets oneboxed that people include to discuss events (typically politics) but some that are there for sharing images poster to Twitter.

I’m curious what happens to them if Twitter ceases to function.

My guess: the post looks the same, but links in the onebox are dead. My fear: the oneboxes all show errors.

My additional concern is that posts which continue to show things will turn into errors if rebaked.

Is there anything I can do to keep content in oneboxes as an archive of what was there?


That’s a good bet. I’m not site for to avoid that.


I could imagine something that caches the exact response for anything doing a onebox and saves it for any future connection error. But I don’t know if such a thing has ever been built or is easy to build.

Or a rebake that just has a failsafe when a onebox can’t be regenerated. Again has it been built already or is it easy to do?

(If either of those is simple, and someone wants to tackle it quickly, I can chip in some funding. But I’m not making money on this forum and my budget wouldn’t cover full dev costs.)