What is ■■■■■ and how does it work?

A word “troll” was turned into ■■■■■ by a non-admin on a post and I’m wondering how this happens. Thanks!

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That’s probably because some admin has added word troll to list of watched words and has set it up to be replaced with censorship box


It’s not that setting, instead take a look to the /admin/logs/watched_words/action/block page of your site


Hmm, seems that isn’t set up either, but thanks for the link!

edit: Is there a word blocklist people have created for their Discourse instances for easy import from file?

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You should see the Censor section, not the Block one (it was only the URL of the page)


If there are words inside a section you will see the numer of the watched words near the section name.


I see. Thank you, seems an admin is having fun with the system. Solved!

Also, wondering if people have tried sharing a community word block list.

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If you search online for “profanity word block list” you will find a lot of lists, eg this one Google-profanity-words/list.txt at master · RobertJGabriel/Google-profanity-words · GitHub


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