What's with the "Death by Coconut" posts?

I’m the admin for a Discourse forum, and I get all these posts for approval that are exactly the same - the Wikipedia “Death by Coconut” entry.

Is the user prompted to post this somewhere in orientation? And am I supposed to agree/disagree with the suggested block on the post?

Also, another weird thing - the top trending search term for our forum has always been “Capybara.” We’re a depression forum. So that doesn’t make any sense…?


This is because it is part of the discobot tutorial where discobot requests the new user to search for “Capybara.”
The same for coconut posts too I imagine.


Ah, wonderful, thank you. Anyone know if I’m supposed to approve/disprove the Coconut post?

(I did try searching “discourse coconut post” before posting this, no luck… :slight_smile: )

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Approve, they’re harmless (unless one falls on your head!) :wink:


It looks like the system user is flagging the post, which is a little weird. When users are taught to flag in the tutorial, those flags are deliberately not put into the review queue.

Do you have any unusual settings configured? Maybe some specific words under /admin/logs/watched_words/action/flag?


I would hazard a guess that they have the word death configured as a watched word?

For everyone else’s context, in the Discobot tutorial it asks the user to post one of the following links to demonstrate oneboxes:

To copy any link, tap and hold on mobile, or right click your pointing device:


@david and @supermathie, you’re correct, it’s getting flagged based on some suicide flags we have in there. (I don’t think death is one, but kill is.)

So I take it I should approve it? My concern was that I didn’t necessarily want our channels filled up with links to articles about coconuts…

Thank you both!


Ah, that makes a lot of sense! If you’d rather not have to deal with erroneous flags, you can always update the link in the tutorial to something else. Head to /admin/customize/site_texts on your site, then search for onebox.instructions.

Remove the coconut link, and replace with any onebox-compatible URL. Easiest thing is probably another wikipedia article of your choice. Or, if you prefer, just delete that link. The other two are enough.


Wonderful, thank you!


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