When adding multiple links, the Insert Hyperlink dialog shows the content of the previously added link

(Uwe Keim) #1


  1. New posting.
  2. Insert a link via Ctrl+K.
  3. Paste some text in the text box.
  4. Close with OK.
  5. Insert another a link via Ctrl+K.

The second time the Insert Hyperlink dialog appears, it still shows the previously entered link.

I’ll have to manually delete the text before pasting the new link into the text box.

Personally I would prefer to have a blank text box for every new link I insert.


Agree… checked here. New replaying :smile:

This is not a bug ? :bug:

(Jeff Atwood) #3

A bug for you @eviltrout

(Robin Ward) #4

Fixed this here:

(Robin Ward) #5