When Do Category Topic Counts Update?

I’ve just set up my very first discourse forum and I’ve noticed that the topic counts either don’t update quickly or perhaps at all. I have a screenshot which shows a category with two posts ah hour ago and the number of daily, weekly and monthly posts are “0”. Unfortunately, I’m not able to upload this at this time as I am a new user. My question is: when is this value updated? Is there any way to cause this value to update more frequently?

Aside from this minor issue, setting Discourse up has been surprisingly painless. Thank you so much!


Hmmm which guide did you use to install Discourse?

Ah, I actually just copied my Discourse setup from my friend’s repo. I’m not sure what she used but I can ask/if you ask for specific details I can try to provide them.

Would the refresh rate of that value really be affected like that?

Thanks for your unbelievably fast response.

It is strongly recommended that you follow our Docker setup guide. That’s the only form of install we support now.

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