Which of the two 'suppress from latest' plug-ins to use

I want to suppress some categories from the latest page.

There seem to be two plug-ins that offer this:


Can any one tell me the difference between the plug-ins and which one is the best to use? They both seem well maintained and from well trusted sources.

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Best to stick with the one maintained by the Discourse team. I’m sure the other one works just fine, but it’s nice to have the peace-of-mind that future Discourse updates are unlikely to break the plugin.

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Is that plugin required now that there is a default categories muted site setting?


Yes, it works a bit differently. Muted “hides” the category in more places, including the /categories page. The plugin only hides it from /latest.


Thanks guys. I’ll stick with the Discourse provided one. The plug-in behavior is exactly what I would like. Only suppress from /latest not from /categories.


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