Whisper Toggle?

Hey all. Whisper Toggle appears to have been removed from the cog menu on our forum, was this intentional? As in, I can create a whisper post but I cannot then “un-whisper” it.


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You should be able to find the whisper toggle in in the composer actions section:


It’s never been allowed to “unwhisper” once you have saved your post. The only way to fix that is to delete the post and create it again.


Can we changing latest reply via whispers?
i wanna the topic update and dispay top topic when whisper topic

Is it possible to change that behaviour in future versions?
A setting that enables to “unwhisper” would be nice.

Background information: You could use it to draft answers and come to a agreement with the team, after that you could unwhisper it and publish.


Yeah, I’ve often thought that would be useful too. Not sure how complicated it is though.

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It is an interesting use case, but when would you like to show a reply in the middle of a topic? It would be enormously confusing.

Wouldn’t this only save you a cut-and-paste? Wouldn’t you want this reply to be at the end of the topic anyway?


Thank you for your fast response.
I must admit, I hadn’t thought of that. The answer should then of course be up to date in terms of content and should appear accordingly at the end of the topic. So in the end simply “unwhispering” would not be the best approach for that use case.

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Just a small update on this one, but there is the Toggle Whisper 👁 theme component you could use if the situation called for it.


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